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Heir Hunting or Probate Research is becoming more necessary as more people are dying without leaving a will.

Over 14000 estates remain unclaimed, with more being added each day.

We as Probate Researchers (Heir Hunters), trace blood relatives, who once proven to be direct descendants, can pursue a claim to share in the estate.

We call this Bona Vacantia (Vacant Goods). The estates are held by the Treasury Solicitor until a valid heir is found.


The procedure is fairly straightforward, at least with estates of less than £15,000. We obtain all documents and certificates, which prove your blood line to the deceased. It is possible that there will be many entitled heirs to share in the estate, as the relatives have to be traced on both the deceased parents lines.


Claims have to be submitted with 30 years of the death of the intestate. Preferably, within 12 years, then there is a small amount of interest added to the estate. If the claim is made after 12 years up to the cut off date of 30 years, no interest is paid at all.

The Treasury Solicitor releases the estate to the first proven descendant. If you employ our services, we obtain ID from you and all certificates, as needed from the General Register Office on your behalf.

Our commission, which is stated on all contracts, is deducted directly from the estate, once we receive it from the Treasury Solicitor of The Government Legal Department.


Any certificates we purchase on your behalf, you will receive as the main claimant, at the end of the case. If required, we can also give you a family tree, all at no extra charge to yourself.


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