Other Services Available









Other Services Available


Wills and Probate :


We will provide a copy of a will or probate, either court sealed or unsealed. Please be aware that sealed copies will take longer.


Cost: £20 each will or probate includes postage.



Bankruptcy details.


Cost: £55 each name. Discounts for orders of more than one name at the same time.


Dormant Bank Accounts.


We can arrange a search of all UK banks for dormant bank accounts. All we need is a name and address at time of account was held.


Please be aware that this can take up to a month or two as all banks are searched.


Cost: £30 each name required. Discounts for more than one name search at the same time



payment can be made by cheque or paypal





We are introducing a membership option. For £100 per year we can research any lines for the one membership price.


Also, we will supply email copies of baptism, marraige, death and census records where available.


There will be no more to pay and this membership will be renewed annually upon request